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Craniosacral Therapy in San Diego County

Thank you for visiting Craniosacral San Diego! Whether you are experiencing pain in your neck and shoulders, headaches or stress-related conditions, you can benefit from the craniosacral therapy. By researching information about craniosacral massage therapy, you have taken the first step towards starting the natural healing process your body needs. Welcome!

Craniosacral Therapy Applications

Craniosacral Therapy Applications and Benefits

Craniosacral therapy strengthens your body's ability to take better care of you. Find out what health conditions can be treated here.


About Your Therapist Barbara DeVito, LMT

Craniosacraltherapist Barbara DeVito

In her experience, among alternative therapy applications craniosacral has the most profound healing effects on her patients.

Success Stories
Craniosacral Therpay for Severe Shoulder Pain and Insomnia

Severe Shoulder Pain
and Insomnia

Susan, 70 years old, had been through so much in her life including cancer, loss of a child, and several car accidents.

Craniosacral Therpay for Depression and Stress

Depression and Stress in Adolescent

Antonia, a 15 year old teenager, needed help with because of depression and increasing stress in school.

Craniosacral Therpay for Headache, Shoulder Pain, Sinus Problems

Chronic Headache, Shoulder Pain, and Problems with Sinuses

60 year old Randy came to us complaining about daily headaches, sinus problems, and chronic shoulder pain.