Craniosacral Therapy Success StoriesOur Craniosacral Therapy Success Stories

Our Case Studies

Pain Caused by Guillain-Barre Syndrome

Paul, 28 years old, has been diagnosed 8 months prior with Guillain-Barre syndrome, before we started craniosacral therapy. Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) is an acute, autoimmune, polyradiculoneuropathy affecting the peripheral nervous system, usually triggered by an acute infectious process. At the time we started treatment, he was still being treated in the rehab unit at Scripps hospital. After each of our treatments, which was a combination of craniosacral, relaxation and deep tissue, Paul and his family noticed that he had more energy. His body was realigned, which helped with the exruciating pain Paul sometimes went through. For several months, he underwent our treatment weekly, sometimes twice a week. After only 4 months, we reduced his treatments to twice a month since he was doing so much better.


Chronic Headache, Chronic Shoulder Pain, Problems with Sinuses

Randy, a 60-year-old male came to us with several chronic complaints. Daily headaches, sinus problems, and chronic shoulder pain were making his life challenging. He had tried traditional massage to alleviate the problems with only limited results. As soon as we started with craniosacral treatments, the daily headaches disappeared and according to Randy, the pressure in his head started releasing. His sinus problems and his chronic shoulder pain, which he had for years, disappeared completely. We are pleased to hear that our craniosacral therapy worked for you, Randy!
Randy is a classical example: Sometimes people like the magic touch of massage. In my therapy, it is about the individual and what the person would like. I introduced Randy to craniosacral therapy since I have worked on thousands of people before and I knew that the healing effects of craniosacral therapy are much more effective on Randy than massage.


Depression and Stress

Antonia, 15 years old, needed help because of depression and stress in school . After only one treatment or craniosacral therapy, her priorities shifted and she started having a better focus and making positive changes with her friends. In some cases, it only takes one session of craniosacral therapy. There is no magic involved, the body gets realigned during the craniosacral therapy and sometimes that's all the body needs. In some cases, people start crying and memories come up from a tragic event like an accident. These are feelings that will be released through treatment, but shortly after the person will feel the healing "aaaaaahhhhhhhhh...... I feel good......" feeling.


Severe Shoulder Pain and Insomnia

Susan, a 70 year old woman had been through so much in her fullfilled life: twice cancer herself, loosing one of her children, several car accidents. Even though she smiled a lot, you could tell how much pain she had in her upper shoulders. In addition, she complained about the fact that she barely had a good night sleep on any given day. Susan also had a problem with people touching her and after refusing any bodywork for a whole year, she allowed me to treat her with craniosacral therapy. After three craniosacral therapy sessions, her sleep pattern changed and she started to sleep through the night. As a beneficial side effect, her hotflashes also started to be less severe. Within a short time in craniosacral therapy, her shoulder pain went from level 10 to 1. After successful treatment, Susan now comes once a month for a visit to stay tuned up. Congratulations, Susan.

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